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Team Building & Event Management

Fancy having a motivated and dynamic team, all heading in the same direction and building your company into an unbeatable force in the marketplace?
Well, it may not happen overnight, but it can happen!
Compass Mind Asia can deliver a tailored Team Building and Facilitated Event to meet your specific needs.
One common problem with poorly planned team building event is that they often end up at either end of the spectrum: attendees are either mind-numbed with non-stop slide after slide of information, in a classroom setting at some random hotel, and told at the end of the day that they’ll now work better as a team, or; alternatively, attendees are forced out of their comfort zone and clothing to be battered and bruised physically and mentally, only to walk away without knowing the relevance of the whole day.
What sets Compass Mind Asia apart is that we understand both extremes of the spectrum and can design you a Team Building event that will benefit your organisation by providing just the right mix of activity and learning to suit your organisational needs.
Like our other soft skills and management skills training, our Team Building techniques and activities bring together proven world-class techniques and they are tailored to adapt to the Malaysian and Asian market and culture.
Common outcomes envisaged are:
Crystal clear of group vision and mission.
Clear goals and purpose.
Greater understanding of themselves and one another.
Building trust, mutual support and self confidence.
Collaborative problem – solving and decision making.
Proactive adaptability to change.
Significant energy boost.
Greater team ownership and accountability.
Open and effective communication.
Expands ones creativity, enthusiasm and pride.
Willingness to take calculated challenges and risks.
Why should you use Compass Mind Asia for your team-building event?
Because at Compass Mind, we are passionate about our Team Building Programmes and we understand that, to really have an impact at any event, participants must be engaged, contributory and involved. Our approach to team building and training follows this philosophy: we work hard to include all participants in both the indoor and the various outdoor activities. Because of this our clients enjoy greater team morale, motivation, confidence and team effectiveness. Individual attendees will also walk away with enhanced degree of learning from which they could apply directly into their workplace.
Below is a list of our most popular topics.
Team Building Topics
Quest for Glory – Dynamic Team Leadership Programme
Dynamic Team Building and Motivation Programme
Team Synergy Programme
Teaming 2 Excel Programme
Team Effectiveness Programme
Power of Team Work Programme
And many other customized Team Building ranging from conducting at 5 star resorts, to the jungle environment…

We are able to deliver our team building events all across Malaysia and ASEAN Countries.
So if you want more successful, professional and productive teams, please contact us now.