Incepted in 2003, Compass Mind Asia (CMA) focuses on soft skills as their core business. Built and manned by multi-disciplined professionals, CMA provides a wide spectrum of soft skills trainings to fulfill the various needs across all industries. Our commitment is to educate the PEOPLE through our training as well as to increase PRODUCTIVITY to match the PURPOSE of the organization’s needs.

CMA remains at the forefront today in its focused business, unique solutions in training, and versatility in providing services. We have developed a clientele that exceeds more than 100 active businesses spanning across diverse industries & various countries. We have also set our footprints internationally in the South East Asia countries.


Trainings conducted by CMA lead to an immediate, marked, and measurable improvement in the work of an individual resulting in greater efficiency and higher productivity. We are also committed to enabling organizations to become experts at delivering their projects by providing training and structured project management frameworks.

Besides the standard application courses, programmes that address your specific needs can also be customized. Towards this goal, our experienced personnel can assist you in performing a training needs analysis.

Be the Best Version of Yourself

Our Vision

We are dedicated to improving the performance of our clients while building an organization that inspires and engages its people to achieve higher levels of success.  We do this through the provision of practical, easily understood and eminently applicable training programs, that adhere to international best practices. We measure our success not only in training people for the workplace, but more importantly providing them the necessary skills required to have a balanced life.

Our Mission

- To inspire, motivate, and train professionals to improve their lives and achieve their goals.
- To maximise human potential through Applied Knowledge, Best Practices and an Innovative Mind-set.
- To create an environment that produces unity of purpose, synergistic relationships and optimum results through all the trainings we do.

Our Values

- Integrity
- Positive Attitude
- Commitment
- Passion
- Trust
- Structure


Frequently Asked Questions

  • 70% interactive training with a lot of hands-on activities, role-plays, and videos.
  • 10% debrief to link back the activities to the objectives and industry of the activates linking back to the objectives of the program
  • Only 20% is lecture-based

All of our training is customized and tailored for each client, as we believe that soft skills shouldn’t be readily-made.

  • We work with 90+ trainers from local and overseas. We are experts in matching clients’ needs to the right expert trainers. Each training is carefully looked into by our salespeople to customize the training based on the target audience, objectives, and the culture of the organization.
  • We provide a wide spectrum of Soft Skills & Management Skills, Computer training for end-users, Team Buildings, Human Resources training, Project Management training, and many more.

Due to the pandemic, 95% of our programs have pivoted to being conducted online. The same programs can also be conducted physically when physical training is allowed

  • Yes, we can arrange everything for you, including handling and coordinating the participants before and during the training.
  • In fact, for face-to-face training, we can even handle the transportation, accommodation, and meals for the participants.
  • It is all customizable.
  • Mostly ranging from ½ day talk sessions to 2 years talent development programs.

For an inhouse program, anything between 10 – 25 pax for maximum effectiveness.

  • Usually in English, however, some of our trainers are good in certain languages from Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, and many others.
  • Yes, we can conduct bilingual training programs

Yes, a certificate of attendance is provided for non-certification programs.

  • Yes, we do, usually a week after the training, our salespeople will be in touch with you or your participants
  • Post Training support such as follow up’s and coaching’s can be provided upon request from the client

Our sales specialist carefully handpicks a trainer for your specific needs, objectives, and target audiences and working through with you along with the trainer to customize the program to make it a success for your employees. We like to confidently say, our clients keep coming back to us through the years due to our quality of service along with the quality of training. We will not compromise on that!

Yes, we are happy to look at the contents of your software and bring it alive through instructor-led training along with activities

  • Pre pandemic: we fly on economy class to the clients’ locations from anywhere around the world
  • During pandemic: It depends on the number of the participants and their time zones. Usually, we’ll arrange training for those with similar time zones, and for those with totally different time zones, we’ll organize a separate one. In most cases, it will be the time most comfortable for the client.

In-house training is training conducted for a group of participants (with a minimum number of pax) from the same company, while public training is conducted for the public, with no minimum number of pax per company.

  • We specialize in in-house training, which is training for a group of participants from a company since we specialize in customization.
  • So, for a very small number of participants, we would recommend joining our public training. However, we only conduct 2-3 public training per month.


Winner of SME 100 2017
HR Vendors of the Year 2018, Silver Winner
Asia's Training & Development Excellence Award