Iconic Leadership & Gen Y – 2 Hours


Today’s leaders can no longer rely only on positions of power to achieve results through others. Faced with techno age challenges of market-based agendas and competitive business environments, the task of leading teams becomes fraught with difficulty and personality conflicts.  The changing business landscape with social media interactions makes it a slippery slope for many talented leaders to be true to their calling.

During this 2 hour talk, leaders will be invited to look through a potential keyhole that gives them, tools and tips on how to adjust their leadership skills to the current employment market of Generation Y. Leaders should be close enough to relate to their team but far enough to motivate them.

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  • Getting clear on leadership with Gen Y in changing economic demands– what’s in what’s not
  • Adopt skills and techniques to manage for accountability and results
  • Understanding what makes Gen Y tick
  • How to create an environment that motivates your people to see the Big Picture
  • Be a catalyst to creating a high-performance culture and be a role model in self-propelling your team to do more without being asked.

Assistant Managers, Managers and above