Building Team with Gamification – The 3 Kingdom; Team Building Programme – 2 Days 1 Night

  • Gamification is the craft of deriving all the fun and addicting elements found in games and applying them to real world or productive activity.
  • Gamification in people development is the process of applying gaming designs and concepts to learning or training scenarios in order to make them more engaging and entertaining for the learner.
  • The process is fun, interactive and engaging and allows participants to be fully immerse in the learning experience thru their active participations.
  • Our gamification and simulation is design to create team learning environment that will allow the process of learning to happen naturally in a fun and interactive approach.

What happen in the game?

  • Become the ultimate sole surviving kingdom and unify the war throne China in an epic battle between 3 kingdoms.
  • As The Han Emperor comes to an end, The Warlord from Shu, Wei & Wu fight hand in hand to unite the war throne country.
  • Program focuses on strategic thinking and requires full collaboration and team work from participants.
  • Establish an experience of intense competition in an atmosphere that demands honor, dignity, and integrity.
  • Provide circumstances in which individuals and teams may choose to display integrity when no one is watching, support when the going gets tough and rules don’t easily apply, and commitment when there is no certainty of success.
  • Promote the opportunity for participants to deal with loss and recovery.
  • Push “the envelope” of personal and team integrity and commitment by learning when it cracks and when it strengthens.



Assistant Managers, Managers and above

  1. High Engagement
    • Presentation
    • Video Presentation
    • Case Studies & Brainstorming
    • Real Time Feedback & Sharing
  2. Experiential Learning
    • NLP Tools
    • EQ Tool
    • Accelerated Learning
    • Coaching & Mentoring
    • Gamification Strategies