Centric : Customer Service Excellence Simulation 1-2 Days


What makes customers happy? – Be enthusiastic & committed to serving them, including putting in every possible effort to delight them & creating an amazing experience for them.

CENTRIC Customer Service Simulation brings all this into play in a team-based competitive environment. The simulation focuses on service excellence, service quality, service recovery, situational awareness & value creation.

  • Participants are placed in 3 different teams & are tasked to compete against other teams to achieve the Best
    Customer Service Award.
  • In each round, each team rotates to play the role of a customer service executive, customer, and observer –
    giving them a 270˚ view of customer service.
  • After each round, participants engage in feedback sessions to review individual and team KPIs for continuous
    performance improvement.

Centric ends with a full debrief and feedback session.

  1. Understand and apply customer service theory & best practices.
  2. Identify personal effectiveness & practice continuous improvement actions in the workplace.
  3. Consolidate customer feedback to create a personal improvement plan.
  4. Apply situational awareness to improve customer’s experience.
  5. Understand the difference between the motivators and hygiene factors of customer satisfaction.
  1. Value-Added Enhancements
    • Issue Resolution
    • Accuracy
  2. Basic Expectations
    • Communication & Understanding
    • Friendliness & Courtesy
    • Ease of Use / Access
  3. Turnaround Time
  1. Front line customer service agents.
  2. Call center staff.
  3. Anyone who deals with external customers on a daily basis.