EQ vs. IQ – 2 Hours


At one time a high IQ level was considered a determinant of one’s success. Daniel Goleman’s groundbreaking work on EQ took the subject of emotional intelligence from obscurity to the mainstream in social and behavioral intelligence. Experts in behavioral sciences and organizational development now realize that not only was high intelligence no guarantee for success in life, it was also perhaps too narrow a concept to fully encompass the wide range of human abilities and knowledge.

EQ over IQ is not the answer either. The pendulum has swung both extremes and now stands at a balanced mid- point where both the mind (intellect) and heart (emotions) must be balanced for optimum results and outputs.


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  • Your IQ and how leveraging it helps increase your outputs
  • An understanding of the importance of using Emotional Intelligence
  • The ability to create an environment for productive work relationships
  • Using EQ and IQ to develop the ability to self-motivate while tempering negative responses
  • The confidence to deal with resistance and negativity
  • The ability to demonstrate leadership qualities that promote trust, motivation, and  commitment to results
  • Be a master in outcome thinking
  • Presentation with slides and loose handouts as a takeaway
  • Experiential exercises (5)
  • Question and Answer (Q&A) session

Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers and above