Change Management Agility Towards Transformation (ATT)


All organisations these days constantly develop themselves to become more efficient and cost effective, operating as lean as possible. This trend does not only happen in the private sector, but also includes organisations in the public sector, which are required to think more business-like so that all the decisions made will result in less wastage, more accountability and higher productivity.

This constant lookout for higher efficiency, higher productivity and better accountability by all organisations require the people to be totally prepared about the need to be agile in their ways of doing their work.

AGILITY TOWARDS TRANSFORMATION (ATT) program is designed to help participants (Senior Management staff) to embrace any situation presented to them at any point of time and in any situation the management deems fit. The participants will be made aware of the management’s expectations towards their performance and values when doing their work. We will enlighten the participants on the need to embrace the new way of doing their work.

 The new way of work encompasses:

  • The need for people to be prepared mentally in accepting TRANSFORMATION at workplace.
  • The need for people to develop professional work behaviour in order to facilitate better communication and teamwork in the organisation, which are crucial drivers of change.
  • The POSITVE MINDSET towards willingness to accept and explore new job scopes and opportunity for self development and career growth.
  • The need to develop higher productivity through the ability to manage changes.
  • The need to enhance communication ability among the people so that they will be able to become effective employees/change agents.

The crux of ATT’s program lies in the ability of the participants to understand and improve themselves, as well as interacting with other people closely so that the changes will be handled more efficiently. The programme will also address the need for the participants to become more proactive in their roles. This programme enables the participants to cope with the changes that occur at workplace.

  • To prepare the participants to be agile towards transformation and accepting change as part and parcel of working life. To apply positive attitude towards  new challenges
  • To help participants in  accepting changes with an open mind and heart and also explore the possibilities of self enhancement and personal growth in the new environment or job scope.
  • To adopt the correct ways on how to manage change, which include managing their performance or the people reporting to them.
  • To improve the productivity of the organisation by having people who are able to become more proactive and adaptable.
  • To provide the people the ways on how to motivate themselves, as well as those who report to them so that the work environment will be more conducive for working productively.
  • To develop the people to become effective change leaders, who successfully implement change at work, and making sure that the change made is meaningful and long lasting.
  • To enhance the participants’ knowledge on the current issues that permeates in most world-class organisations in the world today.
  • To assist the people in dealing with change difficulties and provide them with means and techniques to solve those problems.

We employ workshop-based activities during the learning programme, ensuring maximum active learning among the participants. We utilise various learning techniques and methodologies, such as experiential learning, active participatory games, and fun interactive exercises, group discussion, work related case studies, Evidence Based Practice and Knowledge (EBPK). Program is infused with various approach such as NLP, EQ, PQ and AQ.



Senior Managers, Top Management