Understanding Basic Business Etiquette & Building a Professional Image


This holistic training is looking into empowering your staff to create an effective first impression, carrying them-selves with poise and confidence and equipping them with the essential business etiquette knowledge which will further empower their work and daily lives and achieve higher performance in today’s highly competitive economic environment.

This programme will help establish a relationship for support and further enhance your company’s human capital performance.


This workshop is a comprehensive training program that equips general managers within an organization with the right tools to sharpen their image.

An individual’s ability to project a confident positive image and communicate effectively in an organization will result in higher productivity and performance, better interpersonal relationships with co-workers, and increased job satisfaction, not to mention, leaving a positive and powerful lasting impression on clients and customers.

This workshop introduces participants to the key elements and techniques associated with projecting a professional image and effective communication in the workplace.

  • Dress appropriately by adhering to professional dress codes
  • Identify the right cut & style to suit their stature for a pleasing effect
  • Select tasteful colour combination for harmony and professionalism.
  • Apply the right clothing language to show that they mean business
  • Build a consistent professional image with organization vision and mission.
  • Influence negotiations with power image and relevant body language
  • Enhance confidence in presenting themselves
  • Exercise proper business etiquette
  • Identify key enhancements to brand image
  • Apply techniques to increase visibility and personal presence

Our approach strives to be highly interactive with 90% activity based experiential learning, so that participants grasp new concepts in a fun and safe-learning environment. Our consultants will give an insight to the theories and engage participants in active, interactive discussions. Participation and interaction of participants will be the key focus to meet the objectives of this course. Course methods will include exercises, role plays, case studies, and multimedia and image props.


Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers, Senior Managers