Email Correspondence Service Skills


This workshop introduces Customer Service professionals to deliver a great email correspondence experience for the customer. CS Reps learn to use product and service knowledge to deliver the information in a quick, objective and customer centric manner. This workshop consists of practical lessons that teach participants essential skills necessary for Email Communication, Managing Customer Needs, Managing Challenging Request and how to be Courteous and Professional with daily tasked replies.

  • Learn the importance of how to look and sound Professional in writing;
  • Develop and apply the right service mindset in writing to help customers;
  • Identifying the right tone and purpose in writing;
  • Becoming objective and structured in replies for better and faster understanding;
  • Learn how to comprehend and use customer replies to find better solutions to customer needs;
  • Deliver and manage challenging service issues and bad news through replies;
  • Replying Service Recovery issues and rebuild Brand Customer Loyalty.
  • Insightful, impactful and realistic experiences and discussions;
  • Productive day to day, complaint handling email writing exercises;
  • Brainstorming current industry standards and achievements through email samples;
  • Writing techniques and tools to overcome challenges and issues;
  • Instant feedback from practical practices from the facilitator.

Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers.