Agile Coaching & Counselling


Agile Coaching is not a complicated thing. It is the art of observing, listening, forming an understanding and validating the plan, then working with your teams to come up with a workable solution. It is reported that Agile Coaching improves decision-making, commitment, and team accountability. A recent study suggests that teams supported by a coach improved the ability to track project progress and increased the clarity of team objectives. It helps better our teamwork and helps everyone achieve more.

This program is about how to enable teams to get the best from being agile. It focuses on practical advice, tips, and techniques for coaching teams to improve their effectiveness. It’s for anyone who wants to coach their team in with a certain amount of agility —whether you are a project manager, you are a technical lead, or you are simply working in a team. Counselling is introduced in the programme as a support to Agile Coaching especially when dealing with difficult team members.

The art of Agile Coaching is understanding the situation, the values underlying agile principles, and how the two can combine. In essence, as an Agile Coach, you don’t need to have all the answers; it takes time and a few experiments to hit on the right approach.  By coaching and observing others coach, you build up your own collection of patterns and tools that will help you through difficult conversations.


This programme is aimed at helping Senior Managers, Managers and Heads of Departments to gain a clearer picture of what really matters in Agile Coaching is and to develop and enhance specific coaching skill sets. It also aims to provide a coaching framework for a meaningful and focused conversation. Specifically, the program aims to:

    • Introduce participants to the Agile Coaching Framework and Methodology.
    • Enhance participants’ coaching and facilitation skills as a tool for effective conversation to drive productivity and performance.
    • Provide participants with specific Agile Tools for team cohesion and effective decision making.
    • Help participants gain a deeper insight about themselves and the way they manage their teams.
  • Live coaching demonstrations
  • Interactive practice by participants
  • A safe and fun learning environment
  • Fast paced and challenging

Assistant Managers, Managers, Senior Managers