Cultural Transformation Programme: Internalizing Business Mindset & Core Values (Leading Culture : Creating Constructive Culture)

  • The driver of these training modules is to create a smooth pathway forward for 2 corporate cultures that have recently merged.
  • Corporate history is replete with examples of culture mismatches long after the mergers and acquisitions are complete – we seek to avoid this by setting a clear road map for your teams to chart a new course forward. Together.
  • Included in the program are change initiatives which are a necessity for any organization that seeks to remain relevant, competitive and sustainable in an ever evolving global economy.
  • We take a Kaizen approach to instilling new awareness; participants are invited to this insightful and practical 2 day class on the importance of building a homogeneous and harmonious organization.


  • To determine the level of  organizational readiness towards embarking on the culture transformation journey
  • To lead, develop and design the culture transformation blueprint (objectives, outcomes, desired culture, structure, milestone and timeline) in creating a high performance culture in the organization
  • To manage and facilitate the culture transformation journey at respective departments and units
  • To internalize the organization’s new vision-mission-values
  • To demonstrate the new desired mindset, attitude, habit and culture in realizing the high performance culture
  • Individual and team breakout sessions for brainstorming and ideas generation.
  • Self-reflection interventions to determine corrective action for improvement.
  • Active involvement in experiential simulations.
  • Individual and team presentations on core topics / problem areas.
  • Change tools from Samurai Leadership
  • Video presentations
  • 6 DISCIPLINES OF LEARNING style delivery

Senior Managers, Top Management