Connecting With Your Customers ~ Learning Ways to Establish Emotional Connection and Delighting your Customers – 1.5 Hours


Connecting with customers is the bloodline to long-term relationships with them. However, connecting is not just a matter of common courtesies and customer service formalities. It is a heart-mind balance that has to be cultivated and nurtured at every touchpoint in the customer service interactions.

In this incisive 1.5 hour mini-workshop, attendees will be given tips tools and trade secrets of service champions on how to connect their customers. The double benefit is also these principles can be used in their other interpersonal relations.

The real secret to successfully communicating with your customer lies in the ability to gauge your customer’s own communication style and expectations and then to mirror and respond appropriately. Win-Win for all parties.


This high impact 1 & ½ hours miniseries session has the following objectives in mind:

  • The absolute benefits of effective connection with your customers
  • Understanding the psychology of your customer- their expectations, fears and apprehensions
  • Understand  the value of good communication in creating an emotional relationship between customer and service provider
  • Understanding perceptions and avoiding preconceptions and ambiguity in communicating with your customer
  • Create a HOW TO TEMPLATE – deliver effective customer service communication
  • Practise the art of present moment listening with your customer
  • Establishing rapport and connection with your customer so you can serve with care
  • STORYTELLING- use a story board to see your timelines and create a new happy future
  • EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE – to release stored tensions in the body and rewrite the new story you want to experience- good one when dealing with difficult customers
  • Using DEFINING MOMENTS TECHNIQUE- what recent world events changed your perception of life and how can you translate change into your work life balance?
  • EQ tool bag- PRESENT MOMENT LISTENING with alignment
  • GROUNDING TECHNIQUE- Be a strong tree
  • Our 2 hearts
  • Presentation with slides and loose leaf hand outs
  • Question & Answer (Q&A) session

Non Executives, Executives, Assistant Managers and Managers.