Report Writing & Presentation


Whilst engineers and technicians undergo many years of training to become proficient in their field of expertise, this does not necessarily include the art of writing. Because writing takes place in the absence of the reader it may represent a boring, dull, difficult and unfamiliar chore for the technologist.

The result is that, too often, technical writing has a flat style making documents difficult and tedious to read. Complex writing results in a waste of time, lost contracts and alienated customers – in other words, a loss of money.

This programme has been designed specifically for people who are required to write business reports. It concentrates exclusively on the skills you need to make the writing process easier and the resulting document more effective.

Technical professionals must learn to communicate and present their ideas in an effective and persuasive manner. This workshop is now customized to meet the needs of engineers and other technical professionals who must distill their complex data into meaningful, actionable information that their audience will value and appreciate. The High Impact Presentation Skills Training Program will teach you how to prepare quickly, learn and practice the best method for delivering your message, and maintain audience interest at all times.


The aim of this workshop, ‘Technical Report Writing’ is to develop the principles of technical writing that give it a logical base – appealing to both the technical or non-technical reader. This course encourages writers to be efficient and logical in their use of words, ensuring that the purpose of each component is understood and achieved. The workshop focuses on the real challenge – to express complex ideas simply. This entails anticipating the needs of readers and supplying whatever context may be needed to understand the meaning, relevance and importance of what is written.


Delegates practise report writing skills & presentation. Learning the techniques through group discussion, exercises and working on real examples of reports you bring to the workshop.

Designed for all levels of management, this workshop provides a practical hand-on approach to technical report writing. Throughout the workshop, participants will learn through active participation using exercises.

Presentation will be video recorded for viewing and rectifying purposes.


Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers