High Energy Leadership Programme ~ Lead-The Ship – 3 Hours


Each and everyone of us is continuously looking for the secret to success. We look profusely only to find the answer within ourselves. Successful people are people who become aware of their true nature simply by DECIDING to let go of their fears, making necessary CHOICES, taking ACTION, and following through with PERSEVERANCE and DEDICATION. Success only comes to those who attract it and are ready for it. We know what it takes, but don’t decide to make the choice. You must know what you want and have a strong enough ‘WHY?’ to get it. We owe it to ourselves to unleash our potential.

  • DISCOVER their own behavioural styles that may become obstacles when dealing with subordinates.
  • USE the first 2 out of 9 laws of leadership to establish meaningful relationships and increase their power of influence over subordinates.
  • UNDERSTAND the power of creating the right PERCEPTION as a leader to build trust within their team.
  • UNCOVER the importance of communication and collaboration in motivating subordinates.

The program involves high energy, fun, and interactive lectures coupled with a series of discussions to provoke thinking and learning.


Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers and above