Email Writing Etiquette


This course will help you learn to organize your writing so the process of composing an email is smoother and faster.

Learn how to choose the best format for your message, organize the information so it’s easy to read, and condense content for the most effective messaging. Practice crafting a clear response to a complex email.

Over the one-day workshop, participants practise EMAIL writing skills, learning the techniques through group discussion, exercises and working on real examples of email that they bring to the workshop. There will be a live email practise and individual feedback by the facilitator.


  • How to compose an effective email
  • Avoid common grammatical mistakes
  • Write in a clear, concise style
  • Get your message across convincingly
  • Organize and structure ideas logically and with appropriate language structures to convey the ideas with clarity, and reader-friendly
  • Understand style and tone strategies appropriate to the audience
  • Give your email final polish before you send them
  • Self- survey Effectively Communicate Your Ideas in Writing
  • Pre & Post-test according to the level
  • Video sharing
  • Interactive lectures

Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers