Releasing Stress and Managing your Vital Energies; A Stress Management Talk – 3 Hours


For many people stress has become so much a part of their identity that the feeling of peace is seen as weird or “not normal”. The right amount of stress is motivating; excessive stress is debilitating. We are each given a certain amount of vital energy to function in a day. If we multiply it through correct lifestyle practices, our energy levels multiply and spiral upwards. If we stress ourselves out, our energies deplete and contract. Then we look to stimulants and external drama to feel alive. Not a healthy way to live! In this program, we identify stress causes and triggers and the ways in which to circumvent them.

This session is aimed at anyone from any walk of life who feels a need to get a grip on their stress levels. You will be given tips and tools to practice so that your vital energies run through your body at an optimum level. One of the major tools that one can use to feel energetically balanced is Breath Work. The outcome of healthy living and managing vital energies are rejuvenation, enthusiasm, clarity of mind and focus, better decision making, calmer emotions and a sense of equilibrium.

  • This is an experiential class that coaches you to get into the zen zone of ease and flow
  • You will be given tips and tools that you can use to de-stress each day
  • You will experience vitality and flow in your body
  • You will experience a sense of calm and balance in your mind, body, and spirit

Non Executives, Executives, Assistant Managers and Managers