Frontline Employee: Best Practices For Customer Satisfaction


This workshop encapsulates the fundamentals in Customer Service, Customer Experience and Professional practical approaches in managing current customers empathetically. This program is designed and conducted through experiential learning and practical practices of day-to-day issues faced and dealing with challenging customers.


  • To understand what customer service means in depth and the reason we conduct customer service
  • To identify and understand the key competencies of becoming a professional customer service person
  • To understand and use the Customer Service Cycle and Service Mindset
  • To deliver an unforgettable Experience with Customers
  • To identify Cultural differences and Personalities with customers to Polish in communication effectively
  • To understand and use Emotional Intelligence Empathetically with Customers and Staff
  • To manage Challenging Customers, Complaints and Situations
  • To develop Professionalism in managing Customers as a work Professional.
  • Insightful, impactful and realistic lectures and discussions
  • Productive games and activities
  • Brainstorming current industry specific case studies
  • Instant feedback from role plays and practical practices from the facilitator.
    Role Play Grinding (Skills Assessment)
  • Personal Performance Development Plan

Front-liners (Front office), Customer Service Representatives, Customer Relationship Consultants, Business Development & Sales Executives