Effective English For Speaking & Writing


The importance of being able to communicate in English has become increasingly critical for the workplace, especially at executive and management levels. Clarity and accuracy in speech and writing is essential to work with internal and external clients.

This is especially true for customer engagement. Communication is the key to successful business.

Hence, this programme has been put together for participants to attain sufficient knowledge of English to perform effectively in the corporate sector and for personal and professional development.

  • Present ideas and issues during discussions with their customers in a concise and precise manner, with accuracy and fluency.
  • Incorporate powerful words in conversations that can engage customers and earn their trust and loyalty.
  • Ensure grammar is accurate including the usage of appropriate phrasal verbs.
  • Respond to emails, live chats and social media with clarity.
  • Write precise minutes of meeting.
  • Highly interactive with simulations
  • Group and pair work
  • Role Play
  • Manual and activity sheets provided
  • Blended Learning via Whatsapp – Videos and Text
  • Use of Audio-Visual Aids for Listening Practice

This comprehensive package contains the three communication skills in English, namely writing, speaking and critical listening. Grammatical structures, vocabulary and pronunciation input will be an integral part of each session.

There will be quizzes to determine retention of subject matter by the participants. Role-play and forums will be used to encourage maximum participation.


Non Executives, Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers