Retail Field Force Development Programme: Design Thinking – Designing for Growth


The vital, urgent need for constant creative thinking is as pervasive in industry today as computer terminals and interminable meetings. To survive, to thrive in business in the twenty-first century you need to be a potent idea generator. Nevertheless, good ideas are wasted unless brought to market. That is why, the need for Design Thinking process is vital to give life to the ideas generated. Today, with the pace of change constantly increasing in business, there is always a need to maintain a competitive advantage.



“Design Thinking” is a different way of creative thinking by putting the customers / users’ needs and perspectives in mind. It is widely used by iconic industries in designing products, processes, solutions, services and customer service experiences. In this program, the participant will learn various tools that will assist in thinking into exploration, ideation, innovation, and implementation process.

  • Understand the fundamentals of Design Thinking.
  • Learn how to process a structured thinking flow so not to waste time and achieve more result
  • Learn, understand and create the core strategy tools in the 4 phases of design thinking and its implication
  • Learn, understand and create the project charter to focus the thought process in the project.
  • Learn, understand and draft the design brief to brain-steer the innovation process
  • Learn, understand and identify insights from the data collected.
  • Learn, understand and establish design criteria and brainstorm ideas in the innovation process
  • Learn, understand and develop testing methods using 2D and 3D idea testing.
  • Learn, understand and draw up the project plan, which includes Live Market simulation
  • Learn, understand and prepare data to do fine tuning, using Learning Launch

This course is essentially participative and practical, emphasizing learning through experience.

The following methods are used: Interactive Lectures, Role plays, Group work, Brainstorming and Discussions.


Executives , Assistant Managers, Managers