Professional Business Writing Skills


Most of organizations are expected to produce clear written communication that convey information to internal and external stakeholders in an uncluttered way.

 Writing good business documents will enhance the image of the organisation and create a good impression of the writer and the organisation. In the same note, poor writing and bad grammar can stall or sink an otherwise successful business outcome. Don’t let that happen to you or a member of your team. This programme empowers the participants in the use of appropriate language, templates and proof-reading tools. This course is interactive, fast-paced, fun, and provides tips and techniques that you can use immediately for your work.

  • Learn the basics of written communication process
  • Identify the purpose of writing for the audience
  • Acknowledge the common pitfalls of writing.
  • Use proper tone and register
  • Understand the Rules of Grammar in Writing.
  • Compose result-based emails, reports and business proposals/case
  • Apply proof-reading technique to vet writing.

This training is packed with useful and applicable content. Participants will be encouraged to participate in experiential learning. Case studies form an important part of the course. There will be in-session review exercises at the end of every module for reinforcement of concepts and principles learned.  All skills learned at the programme are transferable.


Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers