Refining Your Skills: A Supervisory Programme


In modern business Organizations, the forces of change are constantly at work. The size, strategy, structure, and motivation of employees underline the need for a creative touch in successfully piloting their affairs. Modern technology, new ideas and new products appear day after day in order to cater to the changing trends of consumer tastes and needs. The seemingly endless competitive drive to sustain existing markets and capture new ones necessitates an extremely careful handling of refined consumer requirements.

Without formal supervisory training, new or existing Supervisors would simply copy their own managers and if these managers are poor at interpersonal skills, the new supervisors especially will end up with a lot of bad habits that they could do without. This course is designed to help delegates gain confidence and stay motivated in supervising others by knowing what areas they need to consider when leading people – what works and what does not when managing people. The program also explores the functions of management which gives structure to any supervisory role.

  • Understand the various roles they carry as a Supervisor
  • Know and apply the six important Supervisory functions in their work
  • Set expectations for their staff and keep them motivated
  • Set goals for themselves and assist their staff do the same
  • Assign work and delegate appropriately
  • Provide effective, appropriate feedback to your staff
  • Understand workplace diversity and manage the generation gaps
  • Know basic managerial capabilities to help elevate them
  • Understand how to manage effectively in particular situations
  • Know techniques counselling their team, training and evaluating the teams’ performance
  • Open Talk Session
  • Stand-Up Discussions
  • Group Brainstorming Activities
  • Energizers & Games
  • Motivational Videos
  • Music & Songs
  • Individual and Group Presentations
  • Sharing of Life Experiences

Executives, Assistant Managers