Negotiation Skills: Getting to Yes


In modern times, the aim of negotiation should focus on creative collaboration, rather than traditional confrontation, or a winner-takes-all result. The modern and ideal aim of negotiations is for those involved in the negotiation process to seek and develop new ways of arriving at better collaborative outcomes, by thinking creatively and working in cooperation with the other side. Negotiating should develop a ‘partnership’ approach not an adversarial one.

That said, it is still important to understand and to master the traditional techniques and principles of negotiation, if only to provide a defense and strategy where the other side is firmly committed to an old-style confrontational approach, and these techniques are explained in this program.

  • Emerge with a powerful, highly effective and ethical style of negotiation
  • Preserve and enhance personal and commercial relationships
  • Increase confidence and reduce stress when resolving conflicts
  • Resolve disputes confidentially
  • Reduce the costs of resolving conflict
  • Increase profitability
  • Create value in your negotiations

Combining the latest technology in adult learning, Yandaro program delivery is a refine combination of training, facilitation, coaching, and mentoring skills. Participants will gain values through a series of fun and engaging activity, stories, brainstorming and dialogues.  Depending on program objectives and targeted end results, Yandaro will also include incorporate some of the following tools in his program delivery:

  • Experiential Accelerated Learning
  • NLP Strategies
  • Coaching & EQ Tools
  • Eastern & Western Philosophy

Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers