Mastering The Art Of Influencing


The ability to influence others through your verbal and non-verbal communication is an art that many people do not have. However, it is an art or skill that can be learnt, practice and eventually master. Those who cannot communicate successfully will not be able to relate with themselves and others and will have difficulty influencing without using authority. This training is aimed at providing the knowledge and skills of influencing others with a retrospective approach of examining the key communication processes, barriers, significance, style and subsequently exploring the possibilities of communicating for positive results.


  • Understand the influence of communication, its principles and practices.
  • Adapt their communication according to the people they meet as well as the situation they are in.
  • Understand and read basic body language and how to use their non-verbal skills to show confidence and sincerity
  • Develop positive communication style during conflict situations or whilst having difficult conversations.
  • Using your communication to manage and lead others
  • Sessions are FUN – Practical – Applicable
  • Discuss an idea, concept or issue
  • Simulation exercises or activities
  • Discuss results and repercussions
  • Create an environment of anticipation and inspiration among the participants

Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers