Strategic Influencing & Negotiation Skills


This course is about significantly developing your influencing skills so that you are more adaptable to the demands of different situations. Some of those situations might be quite formal such as negotiations or project meetings with internal or external parties such as agencies and partners. Other situations may be less formal, or one-to-one’s where you still require a high degree of influencing ability.

The training course is about positively influencing other people—not manipulating them (although it will help you to avoid being manipulated by others). By expanding your awareness and by learning the negotiation strategies and techniques on the training course, you will be able to raise your interpersonal skills to a significantly higher level and create greater value for your organization during procurement process.


Mastering the Art of Negotiation is an experiential program that shares with participants, the secret techniques of winning negotiations easily. From the very beginning, participants will learn invaluable skill they need to take control of the negotiation and always get an upper hand in the negotiation. They will also learn how to use communication effectively and use it to their advantage in their day to day tasks.

This program doesn’t just focus on theory but actual “real life” negotiation & communication techniques that work. By the end of the program, participants will have a clear blue print of how they can apply the knowledge and skills learnt from this program into their daily lives.


  • Develop the skills that earn attention, co-operation and trust
  • Enrich and expand your own influencing style and flexibility
  • Negotiate with others confidently and effectively
  • Perceive situations from many points of view and choose the best approach
  • Develop and understand contemporary approaches, skills and techniques for influencing others
  • Choose and use appropriate strategies and methods to reach effective outcomes
  • Recognise that influence is a process and that to be truly skilled they must adopt different approaches to suit different situations and people

A combination of lectures, workshops, discussion and role-play


Executives. Assistant Managers, Managers