Being Proactive & Action Oriented


Each organisation desires their employees to perform at a high level capacity in the workplace.  Unfortunately, such is not the case as many employees are disengaged, disenchanted and demotivated.  Their mind-set is to do the minimum, get by everyday and receive their salary at month end.  Conversely, great employees embrace a proactive and action oriented mind-set.     They have the ability to lead themselves and have the desire to develop a positive mind-set that will enable them to persist and win in the workplace.

In order for there to be a high level of workplace performance, it has to begin with the employee himself or herself.  This workshop takes a practical approach to help young graduates to gain self-awareness, fulfil their potential and empower them to effectively engage with others to maximise workplace performance.

  • To learn to take responsibility for leading self in order to maximise personal effectiveness at the workplace
  • To recognise potential and utilise personal strengths to ensure success in meeting organisation goals
  • To build capability to manage priorities effectively in order to excel at all work KPIs
  • To learn to proactively connect and work well with others in order to build a collaborative and coherent team
  • To embrace a positive and action oriented mindset to continuously add-value to the organisation through a spirit of excellence

Action-learning activities, videos, case studies, group discussions, role-plays and teaching sessions.


Non-Executive, Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers