Conflict Management Skills For The Workplace


Conflict happens, and it is important to know how to manage them when they do. There are real-world strategies and tools to help reduce or manage conflict as they arise.

There are various tools involved from managing emotions, thinking, communication and being creative to find workable options and solutions.

These simple and proven skills can be quickly learned and applied to improve our working relationships and overall productivity. Participants will gain these practical skills and be better able to contribute to a positive and harmonious work culture.

  • Gain a clear understanding and appreciation of conflicts
  • Be able to use various strategies and approaches to work with conflicts
  • Gain multiple perspectives skills and thinking flexibility
  • Gain active listening and questioning skills to understand the other side better
  • Gain the skills to build and maintain rapport for harmonious work relationships
  • Gain the skills to understand and manage emotions during conflict
  • Gain the skills to communicate assertively
  • Gain the skills to creatively generate working options and solutions to conflicts

This program uses Adult Learning approaches. This includes minimal lectures, use of multimedia aids such as videos and music, demonstrations, case studies, group discussions, presentations, learning games, self-evaluations and self-reflections. Examples, Case Studies will be adjusted accordingly.


Non Executives, Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers