Enhancing Your Personal Resilience: How To Not Cope But Thrive In A Highly Competitive World


Stress is unavoidable because it is a natural function of our brain and body. Instead, if we know how to fully utilize stress, we can use it for success while maintaining a happy and healthy life. Stress is a natural and important function that greatly helps us. We don’t have to hate or try to get rid of stress.

Participants will also learn how to improve their resilience. Resilience (“Daya Tahan”) is their ability to handle stressful situations well. If they don’t have good resilience, they won’t be able to work well in stressful working and life conditions. Resilience also helps us to better deal with unexpected stress e.g. unexpected emergencies, crisis and major changes. This improves our ability to adapt to changes and improve overall work-life integration.

There are five areas to work on to improve our personal resilience. These cannot be generated immediately in moments of stress. Instead, they have to be gradually developed. Participants will get to explore these and identify practical things they can do to improve each of these.

  • Understand what is personal resilience and how it can help you thrive in a busy workplace
  • To understand how our mind and body can work to help us achieve more while remaining healthy.
  • Equip employees with practical knowledge and skills enhance their personal resilience.

This program uses Adult Learning approaches. This includes minimal two-way lectures, use of multimedia aids, demonstrations, case studies, group discussions, Kahoot quizzes, learning games, self-evaluations and self-reflections. Examples, Case Studies and Mini-Projects will be adjusted accordingly.


Non-Executive, Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers