High Impact Presentation Skills


The Tao of Talking!

Effective presentation skills are vital! People who cannot speak well will not be able to persuade others to action.  Speaking to two or more people requires a high level of listening skills, verbal adroitness and simplicity, peppered with subtle sophistication, creativity and inter-personal skills. This workshop is ideal for people who are engaged in communication and present your ideas with impact and purpose.


This workshop will release the speaker in you. As you undergo this workshop, you will realize that making presentations is not as difficult as it looks. You will gain the necessary confidence to speak up while creating a positive impression for yourself. The workshop is activity orientated thus learning is done experientially. The fundamental principles of speechmaking and their primary techniques will be imparted to participants in a simple, fun and effective way.

  • Plan and organize professional presentation.
  • Create and maintain positive impression.
  • Be more natural and relaxed when presenting.
  • Communicate ideas with clarity and force.
  • Sell ideas and inspire others.

Participants will learn by doing! A minimum of 2 presentations will be made throughout the programme which is designed dynamically to transform them to become competent presenters. The programme will also include a “Friends Help Friends Succeed”© session where the participants will learn by evaluating others in a presentation session


Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers