Frontiers Programme – Everyday Supervisory Skills


Being able to supervise and lead your non-executive underlings is the core ability in any Supervisor’s skill set arsenal.

This dynamic and interactive program is targeted at Supervisors, to take charge of their personal momentum to develop the pillars of self-leadership, to deliver a strong work ethic in meeting targets productively. The class also embraces the emerging market force from Gen Y and the different techniques that are required in reaching them.

The program is structured to train new and potential Supervisors with developing cutting-edge ideas to address common problems and be provided with tools to help manage others within their team.


  • Self-Management through organization and prioritizing skills
  • EQ fundamentals-Basic interpersonal and intrapersonal communication
  • Influencing skills
  • Managing others and your resources (time, energy, assertiveness)
  • Making good decisions
  • Handling grouses
  • Empowering your team to make better decisions
  • Recognize opportunities for developing, improving, and managing work performance
  • Apply techniques to leverage effectiveness and efficiency at work
  • Be a contributor
  • Understand your customers through a customer-focused approach at work
  • Effective customer service communication
  • Role plays
  • EQ based processes to get to the heart of the mater
  • Simulating real-world challenges
  • Group discussions- dyads and triads and quads
  • Individual and team breakout sessions for brainstorming and ideas generation
  • Self-reflection interventions to determine corrective action for improvement
  • Active involvement in experiential simulations
  • Individual and team presentations on core topics/problem areas