Pursuit For Excellence: Team Building Programme


Every successful organization is made up of small and large teams of purposeful people committed to SERVE. In essence all teams exist for the purpose of serving another and ultimately allowing the organization to successfully PERFORM for the customer. Organizations that believe in TEAMING people have enjoyed great success simply because teams do work that ordinary groups cannot do.  It is evident that no single person or crew of functionaries can compete with a team of versatile members. There is just too much to know for one person or one discipline to know it all.

Pursuit for Excellence is all about developing team players with the building blocks to perform at high levels. Participants will go through exercises that will highlight the importance of ownership, test their ability to deliver value to stakeholders, communicate openly and support positive behaviour, all of which cultivate a high performing culture.


    • Develop the right team identity and service attitude.
    • Enhance relationships and team spirit among team members.
    • Create an environment of mutual respect and harmony.
    • Understand the importance of humility in day-to-day personal and working life in a fast moving and changing environment.
    • Understand the principles of delivering consistent quality work

The program involves an extensive series of indoor (50%) and outdoor (50%) activities laced with practical debriefs including subsequent brainstorming and team presentation sessions.


Non-Executives, Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers, Senior Managers