Teambuilding Towards Peak Performance


This programme is specifically designed for any type of team who wants to have enhanced performance and also to heighten the healthy relationship among their team members. This high-impact teambuilding is also aimed at enhancing team leadership, team collaboration, providing participants with actual outdoor experiential activities for reflection and conceptualization on the school’s core values. This will support the transformation of the team to be driven by values and top performance in their day-to-day studies. Leaders will also learn to manage their team well and understand behaviors better.


    • Instill teamwork and collaboration among team members to achieve win-win solutions.
    • To develop an organizational culture with shared values and vision.
    • Practicing effective leadership skills in managing people.
    • Internalize the organization’s core values in order to demonstrate the values through professional behavior.
    • Demonstrate trustworthiness and integrity in dealing with teams and clients.
    • Creative problem-solving through fact finding and analysis to create solutions.
    • Proactive adaptability to changing demands and the ability to work under stress.
    • Taking ownership and responsibility to complete tasks in a timely manner.
    • The importance of open communication and effective listening.
    • Show passion for the business and have an unshakeable drive to achieve.
    • Developing positive working attitude

The program involves short interactive lectures coupled with a series of facilitated sharing sessions, assessments, management simulations, role-plays and group discussions.


Non-Executives, Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers, Senior Managers