Professional Administrative Fundamentals


Rapidly changing technology and working practices mean that job roles today are very different from those encountered five or ten years ago. Administrators and Secretaries need to learn, unlearn and relearn and be equipped with the relevant knowledge and skills in order to remain competent in the workplace. Your role as an Executive Secretary, Secretary, Personal Assistant, etc. has probably evolved many times over and be very certain that it will keep changing to take on more demanding and challenging tasks.

You are important to your organisation’s success and you are in a position to learn management tools, concepts, techniques to be more competent so that you can be effective and enhance your value and credibility to your organization. You can then rise above being what has been perceived as just being “Administrator” but to the next level of being “Professional, Progressive and Competent”.

  • Appreciate the importance of their role in the organisation
  • Master important work skills such as filing & minute taking
  • Implement effective phone and email etiquette
  • Manage personal change to achieve greater standards of professionalism
  • Assume responsibility for their choices, attitude and behavior to build a powerful image and personality
  • Foster an efficient and productive working relationship with their peers
  • Create positive and lasting first impression to visitors
  • Prioritise their daily tasks and manage time effectively
  • Be assertive whilst being professional and courteous at all times
  • Understand the fundamental concepts of thoughts and its impact in our daily lives
  • Appreciate that thoughts can be converted to be positive and realistic
  • Change the situations and actions that can be changed and deal better with situations and actions that cannot be changed
  • Demonstrate techniques for interacting with difficult people

This program will be presented via interactive lecture, practical hands-on activities, role-play and group & individual presentation.


Non-Executives, Executives
This workshop is designed for learners in secretarial, clerical and administrative roles.