Communication & Interpersonal Skills


Communication is power. Empowering communication is leadership. Inspiring communication is teamwork.  In whichever position we are in life, having the ability to communicate positively is the foundation of success. In an organisation, influence is pivotal for productive teamwork. It is about bringing the response that we desire from others and expanding our influence into the psychology of what really prompts people to say yes or no.

It begins with understanding the basic model of communication in a human mind and then learning the communication style of a person that can actually help one clearly to help predict their states and actions. In creating a powerful influence, it is significant to build strong rapport.

This workshop will offer participants a step by step guide on communication which involves changing the way we speak on a day to day basis to sound empowering, executing powerful discussions and handling objections. There are numerous strategies that one can use to cultivate these characteristics which will be emphasized in this highly interactive workshop.

  • Exhibita strong, capable, professional, persuasive and inspirational presence
  • Identify what affects listening, and why most people are so bad at it!
  • Developand transform themselves to the need and aspirations of the people and the company
  • Vary communication based on a person’s communication style
  • Elevatetheir influential image and impact on the organisation
  • Create and maintain genuine rapport
  • Managing objectionswhile influencing others
  • Choose the right linguistic patterns to build rapport and trust
  • Refineyour communication skills with the NLP communication model
  • Eliminatethe usage of negative phrases
  • Adopt empowering language patterns when communication with peers and superiors
  • Classroom Lecturettes
  • Open Talk Session
  • Stand-Up Discussions
  • Group Brainstorming Activities
  • Energisers
  • Individual Quiz
  • Case Study
  • Pop Quiz
  • Role Plays
  • Best Practices Video

Assistant Managers, Managers