Complaint Handling: Managing Difficult Customers & Service Recovery


How an organisation handles customer complaint is crucial in order to maintain a good reputation and to keep client business. This complaint handling program is specially designed to teach participants the process and methodology needed to create an effective customer complaint handling procedure to improve customer care, satisfaction and complaint resolution rates.

  • To recognise the key skills and qualities needed to handle customer complaints effectively
  • To address complaints in a timely manner
  • To identify the root cause for unhappy customers and to develop better solutions
  • To build skills in building rapport and engaging with the customer
  • To demonstrated empathy whilst maintaining control of the conversation
  • To establish the customer’s needs through questions and listening
  • To defused difficult customer emotional responses
  • To resolve typical work-based complaints effectively

Interactive lectures, brainstorming, role play, video presentation, case study, discussion and exercise.


Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers.

Anyone who is involved in the process of serving, speaking and handling customers to provide a lasting customer service feeling in the organization.