Professional Service Excellence Contact Centre


Service over the phone is currently an industry practice, yet still needs an emotional service development. This workshop is designed just for that, to develop contact center professionals with not only essential skills but the needed necessities for today’s callers. Participants will learn to self-develop, manage, lead and provide exceptional service deliverables for customers over the phone. Participants also will be equipped with up to date knowledge and skills that the new age contact center industry practices and measures.


  • Discovering the right Service Mindset for today’s Customers;
  • Incorporating a Service Culture mindset and engagement;
  • Develop effective First-Impressions for better service experiences and customer management;
  • Improve Communication effectiveness with customers through positive behavior and purposeful comprehension;
  • Serving and maintain proper Service Zones through International Standard telephone skills;
  • Identify and learn how to be assertive and proactive in telephony customer engagement;
  • Managing and solving challenging customer expectations;
  • Learn to evaluate and asses service standards;
  • Learn to manage self in a service industry;
  • Delivering a positive and memorable Customer Experience Journey.
  • Insightful, impactful and realistic lectures and discussions;
  • Productive games and activities
  • Brainstorming current industry specific case studies
  • Instant feedback from role plays and practical practices from the facilitator.
  • Contact Center Professionals
  • Customer Relationship Consultants