Breakaway; Practical Self-defense – 2 Hours


As self-defense is an important aspect these days, we would like to introduce to you our “Breakaway-Practical Self Defense”. You will be guided on how to effectively use your body strength and how to move your hands and legs effectively to out-maneuver yourself from the attacker. The main principle in this is not how to inflict injury but rather to be able to escape when you are in a confrontation.

  1. Easy & Effective – our Breakaway Techniques are extremely easy to learn and effective when put to use.
  2. No pain – you and your attacker will not be injured in the process of you breaking away as this technique does not involve hitting or grabbing.
  3. Practicality – here you will learn the most practical and easy way to escape or out-maneuver yourself when you are grabbed or choked.

During our workshop, participants will go through three training stages:

1st stage:

The foundation level teaches basic techniques to counter an assault. This level is context-specific. For example, if you were held by the wrist you use technique A. If you are being strangled from the front you would use technique B…etc.

The first stage will cover these techniques to enable participants to better understand what are the most common ways and techniques that an attacker will use.

Hand grabs: Chokes / strangle: Other grabs/chokes:
Same hand grab Single front choke Bear hug
Opposite hand grab Double front choke Hair grab
Double hand grab Strangle from behind Shirt grab
Double hand grab 2nd position Strangle from behind 2nd position Shirt grab 2nd position
Behind double hand grab Neck lock Shirt grab 3rd position

Once participants have learned all of the above techniques they will be able to advance to the 2nd stage.

2nd stage:

Here, we place more emphasis on psychological and emotional preparation that is needed in order to calmly face these types of encounters.

Practicing the techniques alone is not enough, participants need to be mentally and emotionally prepared and react accordingly when faced with danger, during an attack our emotions tend to go out of control. To avoid that, we will put participants through stages of psychological and emotional scenarios to prepare them.

3rd stage:

Participants are now ready to learn and practice Stage 1 and Stage 2 techniques while in motion. To illustrate, participants will be given scenarios to practice how to escape from a grab of an attacker while being pulled down.

Apart from the above-mentioned techniques, participants will be given tips on the do’s and don’ts of some everyday occurrences, for example:

  • Safety for your home, and neighborhood and also what do you do if someone breaks into your home.
  • Online safety, bank safety, mobile phone safety (Current cybercrime techniques, Bank scams, and also current mobile phone scams)
  • Public place safety( e.g. how to identify 2-way mirrors in public toilets especially for women and also how to identify potential threats in public spaces)
  • Safety in public (e.g.when you get in a taxi, elevator while jogging or walking)
  • Personal belongings(e.g. how do you carry your handbag, wallet, laptop bag)
  • Driving (e.g. how should you park your car and why? what are the current car theft techniques?)
  • What do you do if you are attacked?
  • What do you do if you are witnessing a crime?

We would like to emphasize that our techniques require NO punching or kicking


Non Executives, Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers & above