Effective Work Relationships Talk ~ In Sickness & In Health, I do – 3 Hours


Effective communication is the key to success in work and relationships. Top managers rank oral communication and listening as the most important skills for gaining employment. The ability to communicate effectively enhances their potential to work with others. Interpersonal communication is an essential ingredient in cooking up good relationships. The effectiveness of our communication lies in our ability to use verbal and non-verbal communication in harmony both in listening and transmitting information. This is perhaps the most pertinent tool in communications.



This talk is designed to help participants develop communication and relationship building skills in the business context. Participants will go through principles of creating trust, attracting people, understanding intention and behaviour, managing personalities and emotions, choosing the right behaviour and communication style when dealing with people in order to forge closer relationships.

  • Understand the relationship building process and the important elements that create and destroy a relationship.
  • Identify the reasons behind the corporate blame game and the existence of different camps within the same team.
  • Understand how the right and wrong behaviour can alter perception for or against people.
  • Become aware of the underlying reasons behind personality conflicts and how to overcome them.
  • Use simple principles of creating trust and trustworthiness to forge work relationships.
  • Understand human behaviour and motives and use this knowledge to attract people.

The talk involves fun and interactive lectures coupled with a series of thought provoking ideas.  Participants will enjoy a high-energy talk filled with live examples and proven success principles.


Executives, Assistant Managers and Managers