Personal Ownership Talk ~ I am the CEO of Me – 2 Hours


This talk is designed to motivate participants to look at themselves as owners of their own destiny. This talked is aimed at creating the awareness of taking personal responsibility of ones choices, thoughts, and actions. Participants will look at themselves as individual companies, learn to develop goals, assess their strengths and weaknesses, increase personal work standards, improve creativity in getting things done and take pride in owning their careers.

  • Understand the core elements of taking charge of one career and life’s journey.
  • Analyze personal readiness for excellence.
  • List down personal goals that will propel the need of taking ownership in whatever task is undertaken.
  • Prepare mentally to move out of the overpowered mindset into an empowered mindset.
  • Begin to think in the right direction when making life choices through the adoption of specific Golden Rules.
  • Improving personal creativity to make things happen by first conducting a self–assessment and using it as a checklist for success.

Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers and above