Pushing Yourself Towards Greater Heights – 1 Hour


The overall objectives of this Program will be to help participants to discover personal potential, evoke personal desire in adjusting and controlling personal behavior to improve productivity & morale via effective application of behavioral & interactive skills learned in the Program.

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the importance and need to prepare, manage and accept change in a competitive environment.
  • Recognize their own personal orientation and response towards achieving personal and organizational goals
  • Understand the ‘Elephant Mentality’ and how to move away from the comfort zone
  • Take accountability and work within Circle of Control ( Based on 7 Habits )
  • Have a sense of urgency and ownership at work and be willing to work beyond boundaries.
  • Emphasize the need for individuals to look at opportunities to develop themselves.
  • Use the Power of Thinking ( Laws of Attraction ) to achieve both personal and Organizational Goals

Non executives, Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers and above