Shine Bright in the Universe – 2 Hours


The second sale is dependent on what happened after the first sale. Customers will buy again, the question is whether they will buy from you or someone else. After each sale, customers will say one of three things, good, nothing or bad. The cool part is that you get to choose what they say. Great organizations sell an experience more than just a product or service. Word of mouth is a double-edged sword, which can either boost or destroy an organization. Great organizations grow with the customer. They literally live with the customer and always find new ways of enriching their lives. Once this is mastered, the world is our playground.


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This talk will give participants key areas to focus on in their service universe. Participants will learn the way customers think and how their expectations grow with time. They will understand how to create the right service habits and enjoy dealing with customers on a day-to-day basis.


The Why and How of a Service Professional in a Service Universe

  • To take their role as service professionals personally.
  • To learn how to create the right service habits so that serving with love becomes self –initiated and automatic.
  • To begin enjoying parts of servicing clients that they may not currently enjoy.

Engaging during the Moments of Truth

  • To understanding 4 key customer expectations.
  • To realize simple habits that you can adopt to get customers to recommend you
  • To take charge of your state of mind, moods and emotions when engaging with customers.

The talk involves fun and interactive lectures coupled with a series of thought provoking ideas, interesting role plays, service activities and focused discussions.  Participants will enjoy a high-energy talk filled with live examples and proven success principles.


Executives. Suited for those who are Service Professionals.