The Movie of Your Life – Mindset Creation Programme – 2 hours


Each and everyone of us is continuously looking for the secret to success. We look profusely only to find the answer within ourselves. Successful people are people who become aware of their true nature simply by DECIDING to let go of their fears, making necessary CHOICES, taking ACTION and following through with PERSEVERANCE and DEDICATION. Leaders are people who know what they want and are able to continuously motivate themselves to strive for it. They inspire and motivate others to follow their dreams and aspirations. We owe it to ourselves to unleash our potential.


The Movie is designed for your to tap into the best of what you can offer to yourself and the organization at a whole. It is a snapshot of how your life looks like. Participants will examine their current beliefs, fears, and limitations and work systematically to produce personal breakthroughs through self-awareness.

  • Understand the dynamics of mastering their mind and thoughts to attract successful circumstances into their lives.
  • Adopt a macro business mindset through concept thinking.
  • Look for opportunities at every possible human contact point and take advantage of the potential.
  • Motivate themselves during changing times to bounce back into action with enthusiasm.
  • Set believable and achievable goals by identifying clear milestones.
  • Boost their self-esteem and self-confidence by understanding the workings of fear and self-doubt that may cause self-sabotage.

Executives, Assistant Managers and Managers