Polishing Your Live Chat Skills


This workshop introduces Customer Service professionals to deliver a great online experience for the customer. The customer is depending upon your agents to possess product or service knowledge and have the ability to deliver the information in a quick yet pleasant manner.

This workshop consists of lessons that teach participants essential skills necessary for fundamental Live Chat Communication, Managing Customer Needs, to be Courteous together with professional customer service principles.

  • Identity the types of request frequently receive while manning the chat line
  • Explain how to set the tone of a chat
  • Describe best practices for managing chats.
  • Demonstrate how to proofread chats for accuracy
  • Articulate to prepare proper canned chats.
  • Demonstrate how to evaluate the effectiveness of a chat session

The training methodology will be based on the following:

  • Insightful, impactful and realistic lectures and discussions
  • Productive games and activities
  • Brainstorming current industry specific case studies
  • Instant feedback from role plays and practical practices from the facilitator
  • Front line personnel
  • Basic skilled / trained agents / consultants
  • Customer Service Representatives