Cultivating Positive Attitude & Mental Strength At Work Through Emotional Intelligence


Can Emotional Intelligence affect relationships? Research has shown that Emotional Intelligence effects team building, leadership skills and communication skills. In a diversified work environment, it has become vital for managers and supervisors to understand their own emotions and the emotions of others. This program will equip participants with the essential techniques and tools to regulate emotions and build stronger relationships at work place. This interactive program creates opportunities for participants to deal with real scenarios through role playing and case studies.

  • Enhance positive attitude through positive minds and internal power
  • Manage time efficiently and effectively
  • Enhance self-management through self-motivation and self-leadership
  • Enhance self-empowerment to make the changes from within through self-awareness
  • Improve job and work performance towards excellence
  • Improve communication skills with self, superior, subordinate and peer group
  • Understand that developing excellent work culture in an organization is the responsibility of all
  • Implement Emotional Intelligence to enhance relationship at work
  • Embrace change at work place

Video Clips, Role-play, Indoor Activities & Activity Observation.


Non Executives, Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers