Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace


The challenges of work are many and the ability to manage and work through these challenges is crucial in determining how effective we are at work. Whether personal or work related, a set of competencies are required in dealing with these challenges.

The workshop “Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace” is a starting point towards creating a set of competencies demonstrating the ability to recognise our behaviours, moods, and impulses, and to best manage them according to the situation.

Using a practical and useful examples and exercises, the sessions are tailor-made to help participants realise that their actions create an impact and influence others. The manner in which they communicate and lead determines the reactions and responses of the others. The workshop also identifies what are some ‘self-sabotaging’ behaviours that make people demotivated and become complacent in their performance. Consequently, these ‘self-sabotaging’ behaviours lead them into a sense of disillusionment about the roles and responsibilities at work.

This workshop addresses these developmental needs and is designed to equip participants with a high emotional and social intelligence. This is done in order that participants manage his or her own emotional impulses.


  • Help participants gain an insight into emotional intelligence, what it is and how they can use it (Personal Mastery).
  • Help participants recognize emotions in others, in order to respond proactively to the various work or life situations.
  • Help participants understand their stressors at work and to identify possible coping mechanisms to these stressors.
  • Help participants understand the consequences of behaviour and weigh decisions before action.

Action-based activities, case studies, role-plays, videos, coaching and teaching sessions.


Assistant Managers, Managers, Senior Managers