Emotional Intelligence & Positive Work Culture


Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a skill that is needed at the modern workplace. It can be the difference between a productive and non-productive organization. And having employees who can manage their emotions well often leads to better teamwork among colleagues as well as higher staff morale and job satisfaction.

People who understand how to manage their own emotions tend to also be better at building work relationships with both internal and external customers. This includes being able to more easily handle difficult colleagues and customers or clients. Emotion management can be taught, learnt, practiced and improved upon. This requires us to build a solid foundation in Emotional Intelligence.

This program is particularly suitable for employees who need to manage their emotions in their daily interaction with others. This includes both non-executives and executives.


  • Understood what is Emotional Intelligence and how it can benefit you at the workplace.
  • Acquired a systematic framework to assess and increase your EQ on a daily basis.
  • Acquired the knowledge about motivating yourself better.
  • Learnt approaches to work with conflicts and difficult situations and people at work.
  • Learnt rapid emotion management techniques.

The approach is highly participative and is geared towards your own situation so that you derive maximum benefit. This program utilizes various learning methods such VAK approach, 4Mat method, Videos, minimal lecture, extensive discussions and role playing to ensure effective long term learning among participants.

This two-day workshop is not just as a series of technical steps, but as a combination of technical and interactive skills with emphasis on the ‘how”, “why” and “when”.


Non Executives, Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers and above.