Personal Effectiveness With Emotional & Social Intelligence


Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Social intelligence (SI) has for many years now been accepted as one of the critical determining factors influencing personal success.  The capacity for recognizing our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves, for managing emotions well in ourselves and in our relationships is a critical success factors to survive in today competitive and demanding environment.

This program will introduce the powerful steps to a higher EQ and SI person.  Having a high EQ and SI is as important as being efficient in the workplace.  With the rise in globalization and increased competition in every aspect of the various industries, it is easy to forget who we are and do things that we might regret.

Developing a high EQ and SI will enable the person to strive in times of uncertainty and be able to make difficult decisions at work when the need arises.  Furthermore, having a high EQ and SI also allows the person to become both socially and personally competent.  This, in turn allow the person to perceive, understand and express his/her feelings accurately and manage his/her emotions so that they are work for us and not against us.

  • Become clear between the distinction of EQ, IQ and SI
  • Understand the importance and significant of Emotional Intelligence at the workplace
  • Developed and understand the essential EQ and SI skills and using it to be more effective at work
  • Know how others feel and analyze others’ feeling
  • Appreciate what feels good or bad and move from the bad feelings to good ones
  • Possess a sense of emotional awareness and emotional balance that allows you to handle difficult situation effectively
  • Apply EQ and SI to foster cooperative relationship and improve overall effectiveness at work
  • Use EQ and SI to manage your career effectively
  • Empower teams in a high performance environment
  • Create a supportive work performance environment at work
  • Experiential Learning
  • Accelerated Learning
  • EQ Tools
  • NLP Learning Method
  • Eastern & Western Philosophy

Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers.