English Proficiency for Business (Intermediate)


The importance of being able to communicate in English at the workplace has become increasingly critical for supervisory levels. They form the intermediary between the shop floor workforce and the management. Therefore clarity in speech and writing is essential.

Hence this module has been put together to equip executives with sufficient knowledge of English to perform with effectiveness at the workplace.


  • To enable participants to present ideas and issues during discussions with their colleagues and the management staff in a concise and precise manner.
  • To enable participants to write memos, short reports and recommendations to the management, with minimum grammatical errors

The module is highly interactive with pair and group work. There will be much opportunity for speaking. Video recording is used for effective feedback. There will be a manual given to each participant.

Each unit is a comprehensive package of the four communication skills of English. They are speaking, listening, reading (related texts) and writing. Furthermore grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation inputs will be included in every unit. The course is divided into 14 units. There will be a placement assessment before the course commences.

The course outline will be fine tuned once the participants’ profiles are established.


Executives , Assistant Managers, Managers, Senior Managers