Step Up! Non-Executive Development Program


Gaining new skills is the first step to meeting latest job demands!

Do you have what it takes to step up to the plate to lead, work in teams and juggle new assignments with your current responsibilities? What about having a “can-do” attitude that prepares you for additional growth?

Now you can acquire new skills and prepare to make a positive difference at work. In this “STEP UP” by Coach Rafi, participants will lay the foundation to achieve good performance now and integrate additional skills to exceed present role expectations. They will develop a customized approach to think strategically, to finding solutions and to make sound decisions so you can adapt to change and grab new opportunities.

  • Feel confident when asked to “step up” with new projects outside your regular work
  • Meet the rising pressure of tight budgets and lean organizations
  • Map out a plan of action to enhance your efficiency and career development potential
  • Take your skills and potential to new heights with proven-in-action, “get-ahead” career development strategies
  • Understand your role in today’s workplace…and gain the new skills and competencies required for success