Finance For Non-Finance Management Trainees


Your future leaders can learn to make key decisions that affect the financial performance of your company. But are these decisions grounded in a thorough knowledge of the financial situation and goals of your company? Are your leaders able to analyze financial reports, manage working capital, and understand cash flow?

This program covers what your non-financial leaders need to know, from the foundational elements of finance to understanding your cost of capital. Because the focus is on your own company’s financials, key measures, and strategies, your leaders will walk away better equipped to speak and interact with finance colleagues, analyze your financial statements, and understand the public marketplace. Their new financial intelligence will enable them to make the kind of decisions that lead to long-term health for your company.

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  • Strong decision-making. A thorough understanding of the key financial concepts needed to make more effective decisions.
  • Effective communication.The ability to communicate effectively with financial executives and the marketplace.
  • Balanced perspective.Understanding the art of finance so that the bias in the numbers is known and can be taken into account.
  • Solid understanding.A strong understanding of financial terms, concepts, and statements.
  • Financial analysis.Understanding how to use ratios to assess liquidity, profitability, leverage, and efficiency.
  • Data integration.The ability to tell any company’s story (your own, a client’s, or a competitor’s) through reading and analyzing its financial statements.
  • Creating shareholder value.The ability to make ROI decisions that have a positive impact on shareholder value.
  • Financial transparency. Speaking clearly and confidently with managers and employees in small and large settings about the financial side of the business. This class will not only illuminate key financial concepts for your managers, but also demonstrate how to use and apply them.

Interactive and work shop based learning with practical exercises, discussions and projects.


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