Effective Telephone Techniques & Courtesies


Listening… is truly a difficult thing to do. Many of us ‘hear’, but do we really listen? And what difference would active listening truly make in your working environment? Experts have researched that about two-thirds of everything learnt, is learnt through listening. Unfortunately, very few people are truly good listeners. An average human-being only remembers about 25% of what they hear, and some people remember as little as only 10%!

In today’s competitive business world, the primary differentiation between one company and another is service. With never-ending demands stemming from every direction, most people choose to hear, rather than listen; especially over the phone. In some occasions, the message can be misunderstood, resulting in costly errors in monetary terms and in some instances, professional relationships too get jeopardised.

Participants who attend this workshop will be coached to have top-notch telephone etiquette. This skill, once mastered, is an effective tool which helps to increase the quality of customer service, develops concentration skills and creates solid professional and personal relationships.

  • Gather an understanding on basic communication skills and that it is of paramount importance
  • Continuously strive to improve and perfect their vocal intentions to sound positive, convincing and professional
  • Self-discover the ability to actually listen
  • Identify what affects listening, and why most people are so bad at it!
  • Master the art of telephone etiquette & courtesies
  • Handle unexpected emotions over the phone
  • Lecturettes
  • Activities
  • Energisers
  • Quiz
  • Case Study
  • Role Play
  • Videos

Receptionist / Front Desk and Admin Assistant.